Our Experience

Cogra is Europe’s pioneer in the pellet industry since 1982.

Our group has a long lasting experience in the pellet industry and our improvements in terms of fuel quality and appliances development, despite sometimes negative feedback, have never ceased since we began our activity.

Indeed Cogra is the only company producing pellets and making stoves as well since both importer and manufacturer share the same entitlements on their jurisdiction.

This is the reason why we know more about pellets than most stove or boilermakers and we know more about those same boilers and stoves than any pellet seller.

Our pellets are designed to allow the best combustion and oxidation for optimal results.

Our policy runs along the same line when it comes to pick our partners where technological issues are at stake, we want the best. It is a simple fact that the best appliances must match a particular type of granule.

For example, with an ash content less than 0.7% how is it that most pellet stoves need shutting down 2 or 3 times a week to cool down and then remove the ashes? Such low ash content should on the contrary allow for low even hardly any maintenance at all…

Harman stoves’ unique technology allows for continuous de-ashing, no need to turn it off to clean it, and the ash pan needn’t be emptied for 8 weeks!

Just fill the hopper with pellets, select your temperature and let your Harman stove take over…