The company

Our company came to birth thanks to a team of professionals who wanted to promote fiber mix wood-wastes with a view to produce a top quality fuel, i.e. wood pellets.

Today we can humbly boast of having been the forerunners in a sector which development we anticipated at the time.

Experience is time and time cannot not be bought.

Our customers today benefit from our years of research in wood pellets that we started long before any standard or label could serve as reference.

The quality of our production is the result of nearly 10 years of fine-tuning, constantly subjected to the validation of our concepts through experimentation on the ground.
After many trials and errors we retained only the best technical approaches even though other manufacturers did not make that choice.

Our ambition has always been to continue to serve as an example and to be on the cutting edge so as to remain a high ethics company; at least we want to hope so…

All our research and discoveries revolve around our concern to improve and sustain a top quality service for our customers.


Our facilities

We have 2 production plants in France, one in Sévérac-le Chateau (12- Aveyron), another in Craponne sur Arzon (43- Haute Loire). A stockage unit in Mende for stove

s and boilers.

A quest for quality

We regard the quest for quality as much more than a standard to be met but rather as a philosophy which is the binding ethics of the Cogra group members.
We are involved under the authority of AFNOR in a couple of technical committees with the CEN, (European Committee for Standardization).

TC 295 D35R has allowed us to issue standard EN 14785 on pellet stoves, which was published in August 2006. As of today we are still working in close collaboration with the committee.

TC 335 X34B allows us to work on standard X34B in working groups more in keeping with our line of work.

Our involvement in those research programs has proved fruitful so far and has led us to improve even anticipate new trends in our field.