Wood pellet


A "top-notch" fuel woodForet une ressource naturel, pour une énergie écologique

The use of wood as a heat source dates back to the dawn of time. Of all renewable energies, wood has a long shelf life. It is worth mentioning that large acreages within woodlands undoubtedly entail reassuring regulating possibilities. However this resource is not inexhaustible and it would be wrong to assume that one may use it at discretion. A number of newcomers attracted by emerging markets and lulled by the illusion of an easy and fast income, are ready to highlight the merits of a massive and enhanced amputation of wood from our forests. These people like to remind us of the unwavering increase in wood population yet such an exclusively statistical approach is highly unrealistic. Obviously such irresponsible attitude would quickly lead to deforestation.

Forests play an essential role in sustaining vital climate interaction insomuch as they perpetuate the global carbon cycle; this should not be overlooked…

Granulés de bois certifiés DIN PLUS

At Cogra we like to think of our approach as a truly professional one in that field and we are henceforth completely against such methods. We believe that wood fuel should not entail massive deforestation but should be collected within rules of restricted and controlled quantities.

We actually consider the direct use of noble forest stands for burning energy as hazardous, counterproductive and against forestry. On the contrary we consider it a major issue, now and for the decades to come, to help foster the jobs of foresters and saw millers, who play a leading part in the sensible use of such valuable resource. These men are professionals and know which species need which action; this helps maintain high carbon stocks in wood which can then be used in all sorts of techniques in the wood industry; i.e. furniture, flooring, frames, pallets, timber formwork etc. In our plants we only process related products from the lumber industry, which we use as raw material.

Our production facilities have been designed to be in keeping with such an approach, which is also a guarantee of continuity.

DIN PLUSThus pelletizing springs from an elaborate process to make wood fuel. The result is a standardized and safe quality product meeting drastic standards (DIN+).

           “Any fuel can only release the amount of heat its condition allows it to.”

Indeed many other key factors must be taken into account to ensure optimal combustion. At Cogra we have gathered 30 years of experience and savoir-faire in this field.

Product Features N° 7 A 140
Moisture 5,3 %
Ash content less than 0,7 %
Percentage of fines 0,2%
Density 670
Ash fusibility temperature 1200°C
Our plants have been designed to achieve a simple yet most effective conversion process.Pragmatism has always been our guide in our decision-making.

Ferrous materials are removed from our sawdust, which is then left to dry before it is grinded and then compressed for maximum fineness in the shape of small cylinders with a high density (1.2).

The pellets are cooled, brought to room temperature, then go thru several dusting stages before storage, or they are packaged in bags.