wood pellet boilers

Over the last 30 years we have been able to test a wide array of technologies and boilers with outputs ranging from 10 Kw to 5 Mw.
We were the first to adapt collective boilers to wood pellets in the days when no specific regulations had yet been implemented.

In 1983 we brought our budding technology to our first home and since then we haven’t stopped learning.

In addition to field of expertise

Cogra is keen to share its knowledge outside its boundaries with communities or individuals; this is the reason why we have set up a new branch that focuses on explaining pellet fuel.

Whether you want a simple piece of advice or a brand new installation, our team is there for you to meet your needs with a large choice of “complete solutions”.

We provide top quality service, from follow up of to supervision building sites, and we guarantee pellets supplies. We can also give you tailored and objective advice for your boiler.

As wholesale consultants for the Froling group we do however remain totally unbiased in our assistance to our customers. Our partnership dates back to the days when Froling France had not yet been created, which also explains our permanent stock of spare parts available.
The technical solutions as well as the performance of the trademark’s P4 range needs however to be objectively pointed. Their experience in that field is undeniable in our eyes.

Concerning large-scale projects we work in close collaboration with consulting firms.

In any case we ensure the proper design and implementation of silos, bringing all our knowledge in this specific area.