HARMAN Technology




The performance is based primarily on fuel quality. The wood pellets are both dry and dense (Cogra standards i.e. 6% moisture on raw pellets with a 1.2 density) and even sized.

Combustion happens thru oxidation.
The exchange surface, or oxidation, matches each burning pellet’s surface.
Choosing the right combustion is paramount as it determines oxidation itself.

1 - Power system  (2  Harman patents "power control unit" AND "burner")

Controlled feed from below provides a steady constant and smooth fuel flow.
This circuit is very efficient and provides a remarkable clean combustion regardless of the heat that is needed.
The highly efficient ignition device heats the combustion air until the pellets ignite thanks to a specific device inside the burner. Once the ignition process is complete nothing but cool air goes thru the system.

The air / fuel ratio which is a crucial issue, is always optimum. Even when the heat output is very low these stoves run perfectly with no chance of flame failure.
Also with the pellets being fed from the bottom of the burner this creates a smooth yet useful motion of the combustion bed, which improves the air circulation and promotes oxidation.

Finally Harman stoves are designed so that the system automatically clears the ashes by the mere use of the stove. Indeed the flow of pellets clears the ashes from the burner, which are naturally collected in the tray below. There is no need to turn off the stove regularly to remove the ashes. This can be done with the stove working and once every 8 to 10 weeks only!

2 - Air tight combustion circuit

We were the first in 2005 to use all the above features with our stoves.

First of all we wanted to make sure that only combustion air flows inside the stoves, useful air only and that no external air can get in thru any loose sides or door. This is a key point in ensuring top quality combustion. It was also our concern that no smoke would pervade the room in case of power failure, hence our focus on making a sealed unit.

Even if regulations concerning sealed stoves are being deemed as too drastic by some lately, we make a point to comply with the strictest requirements such as those required for gas appliances.

3 - ESP Sensor

All Harman Stoves are equipped with a temperature sensor that measures the temperature of smoke. This sensor sends continuous feedback to the microprocessor and allows adjusting the ambient heat with the amount of fuel needed together with the combustion products’ temperature. In case of malfunctioning such as a high flue gas temp (above 230°C) the stove automatically goes on safe mode.

4 -  Continuous ash removal

These are the only stoves fueled from below, they hold patents on burners and fueling, hence there is no need to switch them off and wait for cooling to remove ashes as this is done automatically on a regular basis. This is obviously a time saving feature with increased performances and no switch-off required. User-friendly, hardly any maintenance and simplified handling.

5 - Technical approval

Standard EN 14785 does not cater for the dimensions of exhaust ducts for combustion products. Based on our experience, we decided to request a technical opinion to fill this « normative gap » and offer our customers a guarantee of performance and maximum security.

It is important to note that the air intake of combustion in the concentric-which is the gap between the inner and outer pipe-increases the yield of 10% on average (source: ADEME, Agency for the Environment and Energy Management) and is in keeping with standard RT 2012. Such requirements are obviously paramount with LEB, (Low Energy Building). Our stoves thus comply with basic regulations subject to many experimental procedures and validated by experts. We are proud to fit reliable and efficient heating devices into safe ecofriendly homes.
Reference Documents: ATEC N° 14/08-1312 Cogra/Harman   |  ATEC N° 14/08-1303 Poujoulat Dualis  to view these technical approval www.cstb.fr

6 - Daily use

Purchasing a stove is an investment for years to come and it is best to ask yourself what you expect from it beforehand. This is why not only do we bring you the best technology but we are concerned about reducing the hassle of dealing with hard to use appliances. At Harman we have been bringing you user-friendly devices together with the most advanced technology for 25 years and we intend to keep it that way…

Harman stoves are dead easy to use!
Just fill the hopper with pellets, choose the temperature, your Harman will do the rest…

Harman stoves give you the right temperature when you need it by continuously monitoring room temperature, performance and quality of combustion.

When the right temperature is reached the stove automatically switches off, allowing a maximum of 32°C in the exhaust pipe for total safety.

If ever the microprocessor records a drop in temperature, the restart is automatic and adjusts the power to match that drop in the ambient temperature.

As mentioned above, emptying the ash pan is required once every 8 to 10 weeks only and no need to switch off your stove.

Harman brings you comfort everyday !